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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Website Design, Custom CMS and SEO

In the Production phase, 12am will build the technical structures for the Interactive agency and web design is based on the designs selected and refined in the previous phase. These will consist of a number of Flash files, and/or HTML templates and CSS styles for displaying content.


The Portland Website design team, we will develop a Content Management System (CMS). Its development will run concurrently with the end of the Design phase. A CMS is a set of online tools that allow site administrators to control the content of their websites. Each web page will have its own corresponding secure administration page that allows the Website design staff to make instant updates to the website.

The administrative area is used for managing all of the site content such as the images, news, general information, and more. Almost all text and images throughout the site can be updated without knowing any HTML. The admin pages have a tool bar for common text-formatting features such as bold, italic, and align left, that make formatting pages as easy as using Microsoft Word. Images are as easy to update as an online photo site and are automatically resized to fit your site and optimized for faster downloading.


12am will create a suitable design and implement key word input functionality in the administration tool that will ensure that the Website design website is optimized for inclusion in search engine rankings.

Location: Portland, OR (depending on scope)

HTML templates
PHP templates
Password-protected administrative login area
Final, launched CMS
Final, launched websites

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