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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Website Development Process

During the Discovery phase, all elements of the web team will come together to create a comprehensive strategy for the future sites.

The phase will begin with a kick-off meeting with the San Francisco Web Design project team. 12am will work with the Website design team to review all key issues of the project, including the strategic objectives, target audience, brand attributes, competitive landscape, business requirements, existing & proposed content, and any technical considerations. We will discuss both the existing site and the new website design in this phase.

At this time, 12am will confirm expectations by reviewing and refining the project scope. We will then start development of a Discovery Document, which will contain an updated site architecture, creative brief, and technical brief.

The creative brief, which will drive all visual concepts, will be based on the desired brand attributes, the desired user experience, and the target audience. Concurrently, the Portland Web Design will identify the technical requirements of the project and determine an appropriate framework for all application and database development.

This phase will be completed with the delivery and approval of the Discovery Document. This document will lay the critical groundwork upon which the design, production, and deployment phases will be based and will provide a clear roadmap and schedule for everyone working on the websites.

The San Diego website design team will have the opportunity to review and recommend revisions to all documentation before it is finalized and the next phase begins.

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